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Diocese of Lake Charles Flyer and Poster Design

David Eakin - Friday, January 20, 2017

Flyer DesignGraphic Works Advertising and Design Agency designed and printed this beautiful flyer and poster for the upcoming 2017 Diocesan Youth Conference being held at the Holiday Inn in Beaumont Texas, March 3 thur 5, 2017. The theme of the event is "Breath New Life" - our client wanted a creative design that would relate and reflect with the youth of our area. Using the tree as an element that reflects a slow, steady and natural growth, we knew this would be the center point of the design.

Flyer design needs to be simple, not overly busy and communicate the core of what you're trying to sell. In this case, it was registration to the event. It needed to communicate with the parent just as much as the kids that will be attending the event. 

If you or your business needs an effective flyer design for your next event, please contact us or shoot us an email -



Brochure Graphic Design for Louisiana Counseling Solutions

David Eakin - Friday, December 30, 2016

I wanted to thank Crystal Hairgrove of Louisiana Counseling Solutions for entrusting Graphic Works with her tri-fold brochure design. Crystal found us online after performing a google search for local graphic designers. Crystal then gave me a call to discuss what she was looking for. After emailing sample brochure files and content, I got to work.

Crystal teaches teachers how to effectively take charge of their classroom in a highly effective manner, by using humor, keen insight and experience. The idea is to control undesirable behavior, encourage good behavior, and strengthen their relationship. This is done in a program called 1•2•3 Magic, which instructs teachers how to successfully use their methods to handle everything from assemblies, playground, lunchtime to field trips and clean up. The program also instructs on how to communicate productively with the children's parents.

In closing, I'd like to thank Crystal again for allowing us to work with her on their business brochure design. We sincerely appreciate the opportunity.

lake charles brochure design

print tri-fold brochure

Logo Design for 7 Farms Foods - Shreveport Louisiana

David Eakin - Thursday, December 29, 2016

7 Farm Foods based in Shreveport, Louisiana sells fresh form the farm food products. 7 Farms contracted Louisiana logo designer, John David Eakin, to design and develop their company brand. David, who owners and operates Graphic Works Advertising and Design Shop, a Lake Charles, Louisiana based Graphic Design and Marketing Firm, took on the challenge by designing a logo that would work well with the 7 Farm Foods developing brand.

The logo is to be used on all collateral and product packaging. Graphic Works graphic designers also worked on developing 2 key product labels for upcoming products - Candied Jalapenos and Jalapeno' Quail Eggs. These are the first 2 product labels that Graphic Works designed. Be on the look out for more 7 Farms Foods products in the near future!

7 Farms Foods Logo Design

Green Field Land Management Logo Design

David Eakin - Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Graphic Works would like to say thank you to Connor Salvador for entrusting us to design a first class logo for his new land management company. We thank you Connor!

Emission-X gets a Logo Design

David Eakin - Monday, July 04, 2016

Graphic Works would like to thank the guys at Emission-X for allowing us to work with them and create a spectacular logo for their new business. Emission-X is a combustion technology company that supplies the oil and industrial sectors with enclosed flares, vent flares, production flares, vapor recovery towers and other emission products and services.

7 Search engine marketing tricks

David Eakin - Sunday, February 09, 2014

Top 7 things you should make sure your website has before you submit it to search engines

  1. Check your title tags
  2. Check your description tags

  3. Check your keyword tags

  4. Make sure your site has no broken links

  5. Include ALT tags on all of your images

  6. Include as much raw copy with keywords spread throughout as possible

  7. Update your content regularly

If all else fails, call or email us.

Outdoor Flag Banners - Ward Chiropractic

David Eakin - Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Graphic Works designed and created these attractive flag banners for Ward Chiropractic in Lake Charles Louisiana. If your business needs promotional signs or products, contact the professional graphic designers at Graphic Works, where we work with clients across the country to create unique and memorable marketing items for your business or event.


Ward Chiropractic Logo Design

David Eakin - Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The troops at Troop Media would like to thank Lake Charles Chiropractor Jeremy Ward for entrusting us with the design and development of his logo and brand. We at Troop Media take pride in creating unique logos and graphics for our clients all over the United States. 

If you are needing logo design or artwork created, please feel free to contact us for a design quote.

Logo Design for HydraTech - Lake Charles, Louisiana

David Eakin - Wednesday, December 08, 2010
Hydralube, a Lake Charles Louisiana based machine services company, has hired Graphic Works to create a logo design for their newly acquired company - HydraTech Machine Services. Using the base from the Hydralube logo (, we adjusted the color scheme and added a 3 dimensional gear to the logo to better represent their core business. The client absolutely loved the direction of the logo!

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